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Classic Kitchens

Luxury kitchens for custom-made furniture, a handcrafted product in a classic and elegant aesthetic.

Even when Cadore designs and manufactures custom-made luxury kitchens it is immediately evident the special attention paid to every detail of these products, where the refinement of the materials and the typically made in Italy aesthetics enhance the charm and style of old-fashioned environments that create emotions.

The taste for tradition of a handcrafted product is skilfully declined in a modern and captivating aesthetic.


The sense of beauty and luxury of a living material.

The famous Venetian theatre has given inspiration to draw the homonymous Fenice collection. The monument is one of the most important model of historical architecture, with its Baroque eighteenth-centuary Veneziano typical elements, the collection is extremely fine and delicate in its carvings and decorations.

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Alexia kitchen is part of a more organic collection based on a research to the relationship between classic and contemporary style.

The whole collection develops on a chromatic research through essence of wood and lacquered finishing with decorative glass insertions with a rediscovery of the wise use of the inlay.
Design by Carlo Alberto Rustighi

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Le noci

Le Noci kitchen collections brings back in today interiors the charm and style of past times

Using natural materials and loving the country traditional image. The care and patience for manufacturing these pieces of furniture cames from the antique tradition of wood craftsmanship.

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Canova is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful kitchens.

Traditional materials bind together with knowledge and craftsmanship enliven this kitchen, unique in its chromatic effects and for the combinations of the materials employed.

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A classic collection expressing an independent language design full of glamour, rich of memory tradition.

Royal is a complete interiors collection, allowing the furnishing of the entire house, in a unique original and personalized style of life. Sometimes houses are like people we meet only once, but enough to live a sign in our life.

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Marie Claire

Marie Claire is the Liberty kitchen in shape, in style, in details.

The Liberty style finds its maximum expression in the fluid lines, the bright color and the irregular decorations carved by hand. Everything in order to create a special atmosphere and give authenticity to the kitchen.

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