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Designer Line

The innovative interpretation of luxury furniture by Cadore designers.

Cadore interprets the concept of luxury furniture in a totally new way, relying on the creativity of designers attentive to new stylistic trends that interpret the use of precious and original materials without sacrificing the quality that the company has always expressed in the most classic design.

These are design collections characterized by a distinct pictorial textile connotation, with futuristic memories, to symbolize once again the strong link between tradition and innovation that characterizes every Cadore company production.


The cabinet, a luxury piece of furniture

The peculiarity which makes the cabinet a more interesting furnishing solution today for the living room, is its great flexibility of usage compared with a strong stage presence, which can give personality to furnished areas, decorated in any style but with luxury furniture.

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A design console for passing furniture

A design console is used to furnish the home with ease without sacrificing space: what was once called a passage furniture, in a modern interior design finds a new interest for its versatility and adaptability to every use, from the professional activity to leisure time.
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Sofas and Pouff

A luxury sofa for the most complete relaxation

Luxury sofas and benches are what you need to complete afurniture thinking about the most complete relaxation. Being essential objects inside a house, as they contribute to the conviviality of the environment, making it unique, warm and comfortable
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Chairs and Tables

Character and a personality with a Luxury Dining table

Home accessories with exclusive and versatile style, the tables of measures are essential for giving a character and a personality to each apartment. Through careful choice of materials and forms that are able to express the quality, and the identity of an unique and unrepeatable atmosphere.

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Coffee Tables

Design coffee tables.

With its position often at the center of the scene, a decorative element as well as functional, the design coffee table contributes to give the final touch to the home decor, attracting the gaze of every guest of the living area.

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Made-to-measure wall coverings to make your rooms unique

Wainscoting adds texture and dimension to a room, transforming a flat surface into a rich and varied landscape. Functional, elegant and totally customizable design elements that give a unique and personal touch to the rooms.

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